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Spousal Support and Separate Maintenance in Mississippi
There are several types of alimony, sometimes called spousal support, available to a spouse in need. The aim of alimony and separate maintenance is to help the spouse with the lower income maintain his or her standard of living following a divorce.
Even if you are temporarily separated and you are not pursuing a divorce, you may qualify for separate maintenance.
At the law firm of
D. Scott Gibson, Attorney at Law, we will review your financial situation and determine the best arrangement for you and your children:

  • Lump sum alimony: awarded in an attempt to equitably divide the martial property; cannot be modified
  • Periodic permanent alimony: awarded to provide for an ex-spouse on a long-term basis
  • Rehabilitative alimony: awarded to help an ex-spouse get back on his or her feet financially after a divorce
  • Temporary support: awarded while a divorce or other family law matter is pending
  • Separate maintenance: awarded to a spouse who does not desire a divorce but requires support during a separation

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